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ChairmanGreetings 2012-2017

Fifteen years after the storm, Li Shunyuan came all the way. From a small workshop to a modern enterprise that has begun to take shape today, we have been growing, we are always innovating, and we are always advancing, from semi-automatic gluing lines, to fully automatic boutique box production lines, to full-scale boutique packaging solutions. Looking back on the past, the hardships are self-evident, there is the joy of seeing customers make money because of our equipment, because customers do not accept the pain of machine returns, the sweat of production assembly under high temperature, and there are also malicious insults from peers. Always noble heart, head down, do our machine well; in the entrepreneurial and life experience of the road, because of you, we grow along the way, has been gaining.

In the boutique box field, after more than a decade of industrial precipitation, Li Shunyuan finally grew up. We know very clearly what kind of equipment you want and what kind of difficulties we have been trying to achieve. everyone. Today we did it and made the machine you wanted. In the face of high-end boutique customers, we have introduced a high-performance, high-quality device for the intelligent automatic box-making machine. Solved the problem of positioning, deep-folding, heterotypic and other issues; for small and medium-sized packaging colleagues, we have introduced the 485C vision positioning machine, a machine, and a box of heaven and earth, aiming at the limited conditions such as single-mindedness, small quantity and limited funds. Leather box, drawer box, special box and other kinds of boutique box production and production, different building blocks combination.

Over the years, thanks to the leadership of the packaging colleagues and the guidance and assistance of my colleagues, I have been able to succeed today. Thank you all for paying attention to us and paying attention to our growth and change. We will lead the Shunyuan team to contribute our strength to the packaging business; to say that there are packaging companies, to serve in a responsible manner, to provide a full range of solutions, we firmly believe that through our support and innovation, we will lead the industry with technology. In the history of the packaging industry, we have had a great deal of success.