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Brife description:

LY-1632JH is our 3rd generation patented drawer box making machine. It adopts module design concept with the combination of modular visual positioning host, gluing system and forming system and the positioning precision is ±0.1mm. It’s suitable for production of luxury drawer boxes, such as wine boxes, cosmetics boxes, consumer electronics boxes and etc.

Product features:

1、High positioning precision: the host LY-485C adopts dual 5 mega pixel and robot arm imported from Japan with the precision of ±0.1mm;

2、High forming precision: using the visual manipulator to find the straight line position of the platform, and send for forming directly to reduce the operation error of the synchronous belt.

3、High accuracy in baseboard positioning: using the rotating cylinder to suck the bottom plate to the mold to reduce the error caused by the deformation of the bottom plate.

4、Exquisite appearance: in production and processing, the surface paper is wrapped and stuck, and there are no defects such as overflow glue, virtual Lens, folds, scratches, warping, foaming and so on.

5、High production speed: production speed reaches 16-22PCS/min; with independent man-machine control system, it has memory function, quick changing and simple operation.

6、Powerful host: the host can locate the flat board (the shell, the post lining, etc.), the stereoscopic box (including the cover and the special shaped box), and can attach any other molding module, which reduces the cost in buying extra equipment.

Main technical parameters:
Paper thickness110-320g/㎡
Grayboard size



Grayboard thickness(L*W)1-3mm
Finished box size(L*W*H)




Production speed18-25pcs/min
Air pressure0.6-0.8MPa
Power source380V/50Hz/3phases
Edge size15-50mm
Machine sizeL10000*W2250*H1950mm