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Brief description:

LY-2012, automatic intelligent rigid box making machine, was developed in 2012 and it got 15 patents and is suitable for the production of high quality rigid boxes, such as smartphone boxes, cosmetics boxes, jewelry boxes, wine boxes, mooncake boxes, tea boxes and etc. The machine adopts PLC, HMI control system, optoelectronic tracking system (visual positioning module is optional with the precision of ±0.1mm), box-holding robot arm and 4-drive forming system, which can realize paper feeding, gluing, corner pasting, positioning, box holding, wrapping, ear folding and forming automatically and  greatly solves common faults of the rigid box making machines on current market, like bubble, scratch, loose side, low turn-in depth, uneven gluing, inaccuracy positioning, time-consuming mold change, etc. with the optional modules of visual positioning, viscosity tester, splicing machine, slotting machine, automatic bubble pressing machine.

Product features:

1、Can be used for the production of different boxes for one day due to intelligent setting & fast molds change

2、Adopts optical positioning with the precision of ±0.5mm

3、Recall the parameters to realize the automatic setting due to memory function

4、Folding-in depth up to 100mm

5、Can make some irregular shape boxes, like high-low boxes, bevel boxes, trapezoidal boxes, etc.

6、Can make ear-to-ear and ear-cross-ear folding box, like iPhone boxes, Ml boxes etc

7、When forming, the robot arm holds the box up; ensure not to scratch the wrapping paper

8、Optional device: Glue viscosity tester, Splicing board box making machine, Automatic bubble pressing machine, Notched cardboard qlue spraying machine.

Main technical parameters:
Finished(Box)Size(L*W*H)L 100-600mm


Paper SizeL  180-880mm  
W 95-600mm

Production Speed

A molding20-30pcs/min

Secondary molding16-25pcs/min

Three molding14-18pcs/min

Four times the molding12-16pcs/min

Ears Overlapping Size120mm
Folding-in Size




Paper Thickness


Grayboard Thickness1-3mm
Air Compresso


Glue Tank Capacity50KG
The most powerful22KW

Rated Power


Machine Weight6500KG
The power supply380V/50Hz/3phases

Paper Stacking Height


Grayboard Stacking Height


Machine Size